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Yes, I finally found the spoons to start the snowflake challenge for this year \o/ Been looking forward to it but just couldn't find the inspiration until now. 

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner
Day 01 In your own space, talk about why you are doing the Fandom Snowflake Challenge? What drew you to it as a participant? What do you hope to accomplish by doing these challenges?

I have been doing this for a few years now and it seems there's always been something happening in January that cut my run short and then I kinda lost my focus and never did a whole complete one... this year I am DETERMINED to get all 15 days done (even if I end up not doing any on the right day... I just need to get them done). Hopefully this year my computer won't break, my internet won't cut out, I won't get sick (I've just been sick, so SERIOUSLY). *touches a whole pile of wood* 

What first drew me to the challenge was my love of sharing in other fans' joy for their fandoms. Even for fandoms I know nothing about, I always loved seeing people squee! I love finding new fanworks, granting wishes, the opportunity to be better about starting conversations with people I have never talked to before in a low-pressure environment. 

Also I know from previous years that the Snowflake participants are great and friendly people! The very first year I participated I ended up running a fanwork fest and I got much support from other participants. Especially this year, since 2015 was a kind of bad year for me where I didn't get many fanworks at all done and posted, I feel like taking part in this will hopefully set the year off to a good start and help me make 2016 a better year fandom wise. :)

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