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 *sweeps dust from this place* 

Ahem. Sooo I realized I haven't completed/posted anything since 16 November last year. And I'm sort of itching to post something but all out of ideas. And last time I tried commentfic meme-ing I got some super lovely prompts and it really helped kickstart my muse, so I'm attempting to do another one! 

This will work the same as my last one - since that was quite a while ago, let's rehash! I promise to fill your prompt by writing a commentfic which is at least 3 sentences in length. Your prompts can be as simple as just a request for a certain pairing, or they can include situations/kinks you'd like me to write, a quote/song/picture etc for inspiration or be a very specific prompt. Up to you! Feel free to leave more than one prompt also.

My Fandoms: Adam Lambert, Avengers, Babylon 5, Bandom (mainly MCR/FOB), BBC Sherlock, Dragon Age, Hanson, Harry Potter, Firefly, Kingsman, LotR, Mass Effect, One Direction, Queer as Folk, The Sentinel, Star Trek, Suits, Teen Wolf, Vampire Chronicles, White Collar

If you want a different fandom, feel free to ask! If I know nothing about it I may not be able to fill a prompt though.

Also open to writing original characters if anyone would like that. 

All muse kick-starting help is much appreciated! :)


Date: 2016-07-13 10:29 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] inoru_no_hoshi
Yes goooood. Thanks. :DD


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