Jun. 10th, 2014

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Going to do something I don't normally do here and mix my offline life with fandom life.

Some of you may know that I got an eviction notice for unpaid rent last week. Rent which I cannot pay because I got sick and no one wants to take financial responsibility for myself and my two year old son. Rent which I thought I had reached an understanding with my landlord about (because me and my son have nowhere else to go if evicted).

I have until June 24th to pay off the owed rent in order to "win back" my apartment - this is actual law and not a maybe. A few of you who know have offered to help out with donations towards hopefully scraping together enough to keep us in our much-loved home. After a bazillion phonecalls trying to sort this situation, I have decided to accept any donations that can be given because I am just desperate at this stage.

I have therefore made a crowdfunding page which has some more info (I will also accept direct Paypal transfers if you'd rather donate that way, contact me privately for details):


I think if I can scrape together a part payment by the 24th I can get an extended deadline to raise the rest. I really appreciate any and all donations and I promise that I will pay your kindness forwards as soon as I'm able to. (If there's anything else I can do for anyone - betaing, proofreading, some survey, a story, a gift from Sweden when I can afford, feel free to approach me. I will gladly help out where possible as a thank you!)

Feel free to singal boost this wherever you can, I am way too desperate right now to feel ashamed about getting help from strangers!


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