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Day 4: In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts.

By the way, it's my birthday tomorrow. ;)

Let's put a note about fandoms first. I will check out works in any fandom if it has what I want and is good quality. But my main interests right now are: Sherlock (BBC), Queer as Folk (US), Supernatural (both FPF and RPF), One Direction RPF, Bandom RPF, Adam Lambert RPF, Firefly, Babylon 5. But I'm really not joking about the any fandom thing, I've read some pretty obscure stuff. :)

1. I think I can count this because I have really only spoken up loudly about wanting this in the past few days? Give me more D/s and BDSM focusing on emotions, please? I'll take both recs and new works. I made this little nifty post of inspiration for what I want. As mentioned, I'd love fanworks that focuses on aftercare, in particular. I feel like aftercare is skipped/cut short way too often. (I am guilty of this myself, too.) I guess this might be best suited to fic but I'm very open to other media used for this.

2. I sit here secretly wishing that someone, anyone, would be inspired to create podfic, art, remixes and/or fanmixes based on any of my fics. Or any other secondary fanworks. So you know, if there's anyone out there who's been too shy to approach me about this just know that it would make me super happy. :)

3. I wish more people would come play and set a word goal for 2013 at 1millionwords. I just think it'll be fun to follow each other's progress and I know there's some challenges and stuff planned to get everyone inspired.

4. And lastly, being a mommy now I feel like I never have enough time, energy and patience over to create a journal layout and/or header. And I'd really like my journal to reflect me a bit more? So if there's any kind person out there who has some time over to make my DW journal a bit prettier it'd make me very happy. :D Here's a link to my LiveJournal for an idea of the kind of layout I like.
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