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2030-11-14 12:08 pm


This journal is mostly for picspams and flailing and ranting and declarations of love and well anything else that's not fic. 

Other places you can find me: Twitter, Fic Twitter, Tumblr, Livejournal
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2017-01-04 10:41 pm

Birthday Fun - The Gift of Music

One of my non-fandom friends did this for their birthday, and I thought it was a really neat idea so I'm trying it too! I hope some of you will want to join in! :) 

Basically, for my birthday I have made a collaborative Spotify playlist, and started it off with 20 off my favourite songs at the moment. I want my friends to continue this playlist by adding at least one of their own favourite songs to the list, as a birthday present to me, if you'd like. If you don't have Spotify it's no problem, just leave your song(s) of choice in a comment here or message me on another platform and I will add. (If a song is not on Spotify, I'd love for you to share a link to somewhere else to listen to it, but I obviously won't be able to put it in the playlist.)

The songs definitely don't have to be recent or in English, just whatever you enjoy. The point here is to hopefully find some new music to listen to!

Playlist link: https://open.spotify.com/user/1119253347/playlist/5kRpEzw0mLcwV4EbHanQGA

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2016-07-28 12:13 pm

100 Ways To Say 'I Love You' Master Post

I have decided to try to create 100 fanworks for this challenge, and since it's so long and I'm not filling them in order, I'm making a masterpost here. Fills will be added as I post them.
  1. Prompts )

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2016-07-14 12:03 pm
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Shipping Meme (with GIFs, for your [my] enjoyment)

I found this challenge on Tumblr and since it seemed fun I decided to just do it as a meme. :) I ship so many ships that most of these have more than one answer, but I'm going to stick to my favorite for each. 


Here There Be Ships )
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2016-07-12 04:48 pm
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Commentfic Meme a.k.a Help kickstart my muse?

 *sweeps dust from this place* 

Ahem. Sooo I realized I haven't completed/posted anything since 16 November last year. And I'm sort of itching to post something but all out of ideas. And last time I tried commentfic meme-ing I got some super lovely prompts and it really helped kickstart my muse, so I'm attempting to do another one! 

More Details Here )


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2016-01-05 04:04 pm


Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 03 In your own space, post a rec for at least three fanworks that you have created. It can be your favorite fanworks that you've created, or fanworks you feel no one ever saw, or fanworks you say would define you as a creator.

5 (+1) of my favourites out of my own fanworks: 

1. A Perfect Lie (Fanvid, Adam Lambert, Adam/Tommy) 
I toiled over this fanvid for weeks, and it's one of my most popular fanworks as well as one of only a handful that is not fic, so it sort of had to make the list one year. 

2. So You Can See How Beautiful You Are (Fic, One Direction, Zayn/Harry/Louis, sex swap)
For someone who is not big on gender or sex swap fic I have to say that I love this fic of mine. I was really nervous about writing this but ended up loving how it turned out - the emotions, the characters and it's actually one of a few sex scenes I have written that I feel really happy about. (Why is it so difficult to write ggood sex?!)

3. When The Wolves are Silent and Only the Moon Howls (Fic Series, Adam Lambert, Adam/OMC, NC-17, werewolves) 
Fans of this series might be as pleased as I am to know that I just started writing on another fic for this. \o/ I still love this series and I feel like it's far from complete, I have really only scratched at the surface of this universe and the characters in it. I don't write much fic with original characters, but Silas is one I have really fallen for. So this is definitely one of my favourites of my own fics. 

4. Maybe I Just Wanna Be Yours (Fic, Teen Wolf, Derek/Stiles, NC-17, first time)
This is my most kudosed fic on AO3, which isn't a great measure of popularity when most fandoms I write in are much smaller than TW, but I am also quite pleased with it. I always find first times a little difficult to write, but I feel like this one caught the right balance between being gentle and being in character (as I picture these characters in my headcanon, at least). 

5. These Bonds Are Shackle Free (Fic, Suits, Jessica/Harvey, Mature, spanking) (podifc)
I love this because it's two of my favourite things that I myself write way too little of - femdom and non-sexual kink. I'm also very happy that it's one of a few fics of mine that has been podficced, because it's definitely one of my own favourites. I'm still wanting to write more in this verse. 

Bonus: A Quiet Reflection on the Merit of Gardeners (Ficlet, Lord of the Rings, Frodo & Sam, Gen) 
Not so much a rec, but this was one of my first fics that ventured towards slash (leaving the days of self-inserts behind me), so I wanted to give it a little honorable mention. I will always hold this little ficlet dear, for starting me on a fannish journey that brought me so much joy and wonderful friends. :) 

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2016-01-04 09:16 pm


Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 2 In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts.

Well, this is timely, since it's my birthday tomorrow. ;) I am very multi-fannish so most of those are open to any fandom, but I will put a list of the fandoms I'm most familiar with at the bottom (in cases of works in other fandoms, it's best if I won't need fandom knowledge to enjoy them). This list is a little long, not because I'm greedy but there are a lot of fannish things I love and I wanted to give fans and creators of all these things a chance to rec/make me things I will love. :) Also 3 of my wishes are craft related and two are more friends related. 

Some new wishes for this year:

1. OTP Songs/Playlists: I always end up making playlists for all my ships. So I'm curious which songs others associate with theirs! Feel free to tell me why as well, if you want.

2. Fannish Crochet/Cross Stitch Patterns: I refound my love for crafting this year and I would especially love tips for fannish crochet and cross stitch patterns. Preferably free patterns, although I'm open to paid ones too.

3. Beginner Quilting Patterns: I made my first quilt as a Christmas present for my son. \o/ I always wanted to learn but have been slow at actually getting around to it. Sooo, if anyone has any tips for quilting tutorials and patterns that are easy and fun for beginners I would love links. I guess this is kind of fandom related because I am also looking for...

4. Fannish Fabric Suppliers in Europe: I keep seeing all these lovely fannish quilting fabrics but everything is in the US and the shipping to here is waaaay too expensive for me. *sadface* In the instances where I have found EU suppliers it has been way more expensive or they have also had horrid shipping rates. So, tips, anyone? At the moment I would especially love tips for Star Trek (TOS), Firefly or Narnia related fabrics since I'm doing some crafting for swaps I need these for.

5. Harry Potter / Star Trek TOS Fanwork Recs: I got into both those fandoms in the past year despite not having consumed many fanworks in them before. Both fandoms kind of predate AO3, so I suspect much of the best fic are not on there, as is the case with other older fandoms I love. My fav pairings for HP are Harry/Draco, Snape/Lily, Snape/Harry, Snape/Draco or Snape/Lucius and my fav pairing for Star Trek is Kirk/Spock, but I will literally read any pairing for good fic. I appreciate recs from the Star Trek reboots also, as long as they don't talk about Kirk's blue eyes... it just throws me. >.>

6. Fanvid Recs: I'm re-finding my love for fanvids, and I'd love more recs for well-made ones. For this one I'd really love fandoms I'm not familiar with as well as those I am - sometimes fanvids are a great enticement to watch new shows! ;)

7. Podfic Recs: I don't spend as much time listening to podfic as I want to, and when I do set time aside I seem to always turn to the same podficcers? So I'd love recs for new podficcers to listen to! Feel free to rec yourself also, I will try to leave good feedback. :)

For both the fanvids and podfics I would love works made just for me as well, of course (my own fics have blanket permission for podfic, as well).

Some repeats from previous years:

8. Recs/New Works in Any Fandom With The Following Themes:
  • Slavery universes where the owner and slave are in love or/and the owner is against slavery. maculategiraffe's The Slave Breakers is a good example of what I love.
  • Femdom! Genderswapped characters are ok but I have a strong preference for characters who identify as female in canon.
  • D/s from the Dominants POV. Esp dealing with how wonderful but also scary it can feel to have someone give you all that power over them.
  • Aftercare! A lot of D/s seems to leave this out, and it's practically my fav part. :( (And remember that sometimes Doms need aftercare, too.)
  • Non-sexual kink. Porn is great but sometimes I really love for the focus to be on other things, such as the power exchange itself, for example, or whatever else inspires you.
  • Werewolves running free. I don't even know, but I have this recent obsession with shifted werewolves running, by themselves, in pairs, in groups, for any reason at all. Doesn't have to be canon werewolves.

9. More Fannish Friends: I am always looking for more fannish friends. Especially ones near me (I live in the south of Sweden), but anywhere is great! If you are open to creating together, cheerleading and/or betaing then even better. I am open to doing the same for you. Feel free to also check out my Twitter and Tumblr, where I am a little more active than here, to see if you think we could be friends. :) I would also love more fannish people to Skype, AIM or Gchat/Hangouts, just message me for details.

10. (Fannish) WoW Friends: I will firstly admit that I am only periodically active, but when I am I love to do stuff together with friends! I no longer raid and I recently had a lengthy break from it so WOD is still pretty new to me - I'd love people to help me through the new content. I have accounts on both EU (Alliance & Horde) and US (Alliance, but can level a Horde char too). My battletag is Armanya#2831.

Fandoms Preferences (in no particular order): Kingsman, Avengers/MCU, Dragon Age, Firefly, Babylon 5, Star Trek, Star Wars, Teen Wolf, Queer as Folk, Lord of the Rings, Suits, White Collar, Person of Interest, BBC Sherlock, The Sentinel, Bandom, One Direction, Adam Lambert. 

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2016-01-04 08:51 pm


Yes, I finally found the spoons to start the snowflake challenge for this year \o/ Been looking forward to it but just couldn't find the inspiration until now. 

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner
Day 01 In your own space, talk about why you are doing the Fandom Snowflake Challenge? What drew you to it as a participant? What do you hope to accomplish by doing these challenges?

I have been doing this for a few years now and it seems there's always been something happening in January that cut my run short and then I kinda lost my focus and never did a whole complete one... this year I am DETERMINED to get all 15 days done (even if I end up not doing any on the right day... I just need to get them done). Hopefully this year my computer won't break, my internet won't cut out, I won't get sick (I've just been sick, so SERIOUSLY). *touches a whole pile of wood* 

What first drew me to the challenge was my love of sharing in other fans' joy for their fandoms. Even for fandoms I know nothing about, I always loved seeing people squee! I love finding new fanworks, granting wishes, the opportunity to be better about starting conversations with people I have never talked to before in a low-pressure environment. 

Also I know from previous years that the Snowflake participants are great and friendly people! The very first year I participated I ended up running a fanwork fest and I got much support from other participants. Especially this year, since 2015 was a kind of bad year for me where I didn't get many fanworks at all done and posted, I feel like taking part in this will hopefully set the year off to a good start and help me make 2016 a better year fandom wise. :)

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2015-11-16 08:06 pm
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Christmas Card/Gift Swapping, anyone?

Well, December is fast approaching and with that I'm starting to think about who to send Xmas cards to and make gifts for. :) 

So I'm wondering if any of you lovely fandom friends would like to swap cards or a small gift? I will be making gifts - I can make jewelry, crochet and embroidery/cross stitch. I'm also going to try my hand at making personalised Christmas cards this year. 

Christmas cards are open to anyone but since crafts take some more effort/shipping costs I will only do those for a small number of people I know well. 

If anyone is interested just let me know through a comment/DM and we can sort something out! :)

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2015-01-04 04:47 pm

Snowflake Challenge 2015 - Day 3: Creative Process

Had such a wonderful date yesterday that I had no energy for snowflaking after, so here's day 3 a day late! :)

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 3
In your own space, talk about your creative process - from what inspires you to what motivates you to how you manage to break through blocks. Does your process change depending on the type of creating you're doing?

Creative Process )
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2015-01-02 10:23 pm

Snowflake Challenge 2015 - Day 2: Fannish Wishes (multi-fandom)

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 2
In your own space, create a list of at least three fannish things you'd love to receive, something you've wanted but were afraid to ask for - a fannish wish-list of sorts. 

I've been meaning to make one of these anyway, since it's my birthday on the 5th *hint hint*, so this is handy :D. 

Here There Be Wishes )
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2015-01-01 04:00 pm

Snowflake Challenge 2015 - Day 1: 4 recs (fic, vid, fanmix)

Yay Snowflake Challenge time. \o/ Been looking forward to this since the end of summer. This year I have vowed to complete it, I've already had a round of internet/computer problems past few months so I shouldn't have any now. *touches wood*

Fandom Snowflake Challenge banner

Day 1: Self-Recs )
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2014-11-25 10:41 am
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2015 has GOT to be better than 2014... (and a thank you)

I got the boxes of Christmas things out of storage this morning, so I can actually get my decorations up for 1st advent on Sunday. And it hit me all at once, 2014 is ALMOST OVER. It feels like it was just New Years, but somehow it also feels like the longest year I ever lived through. So much stress and worry and tears but I suppose also a lot of heartening support and learning who my friends are as well as who *I* am.

I just want to say such a HUGE thank you to all my wonderful fandom friends who have been such support this year, I really don't know where I'd be without you all (incredibly lonely, for one :().

Looking forward to Christmas and New Years and a MUCH happier 2015. And if there's ever anything I can do to pay back (or forward) kindness everyone has shown me, let me know. :)
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2014-07-25 09:36 pm
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Looking for slavefic recs.

I don't think this is surprising to anyone that knows me but lately I've been reading this awesome Harry/Snape slavefic and it has left me hankering for more of this type of fic! Specifically slavefic where the owner is maybe against slavery (or not) and is tender, gentle, allowing certain freedoms but they have to maintain a different dynamic in public. Oh and well dealt with past trauma that makes things difficult and whatnot. Basically all the h/c angst slavefic! Think Slave Breakers (which is my fav slavery story ever!)

So feel free to throw any recs my way. :D I'll read any fandom and original works, long as it's good fic! Oh and I'll happily take recs for other kinds of slavefic too, just this is my fav kind. :) Feel free to share this!
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2014-07-11 08:11 pm
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Housing situation update.

A long overdue update, because this ongoing drama isn't leaving much energy for being online doing serious things.

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who donated money/gave their love to our fundraiser. Thanks to you we still have a place to live!

As some of you may know on Twitter, my landlord is still threating eviction though. But the positive thing is social services have taken notice now and it looks like they will help me clear up the rest of the owed rent within a month. So we should be sorted for that.

On the other hand, as I wrote on the fundraising page, I had to put a lot of this months budget as well as the donations towards paying off some debt and paying the month's rent early, which has put me back for payments on other bills and left us with very little money for the rest of the month. One of the late bills is my internet and if I don't pay that within two weeks my service will be cut. Which, not a HUGE deal, can certainly live without it. But still, if there's anyone who'd still like to contribute towards settling those bills/food for us for the next week or so, I would again be eternally thankful. I'm counting on this being the last time I have to ask. :)
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2014-06-10 10:51 am
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Help me keep a roof over our heads?

Going to do something I don't normally do here and mix my offline life with fandom life.

Some of you may know that I got an eviction notice for unpaid rent last week. Rent which I cannot pay because I got sick and no one wants to take financial responsibility for myself and my two year old son. Rent which I thought I had reached an understanding with my landlord about (because me and my son have nowhere else to go if evicted).

I have until June 24th to pay off the owed rent in order to "win back" my apartment - this is actual law and not a maybe. A few of you who know have offered to help out with donations towards hopefully scraping together enough to keep us in our much-loved home. After a bazillion phonecalls trying to sort this situation, I have decided to accept any donations that can be given because I am just desperate at this stage.

I have therefore made a crowdfunding page which has some more info (I will also accept direct Paypal transfers if you'd rather donate that way, contact me privately for details):


I think if I can scrape together a part payment by the 24th I can get an extended deadline to raise the rest. I really appreciate any and all donations and I promise that I will pay your kindness forwards as soon as I'm able to. (If there's anything else I can do for anyone - betaing, proofreading, some survey, a story, a gift from Sweden when I can afford, feel free to approach me. I will gladly help out where possible as a thank you!)

Feel free to singal boost this wherever you can, I am way too desperate right now to feel ashamed about getting help from strangers!
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2014-02-10 09:04 pm

Signal-boosty call for Swedish/Scandi fanpeople?

Because I never seem to happily accidentally run into fandom people that live close to me (South of Sweden - Skåne) I thought I would do this little signal boosty thing and see if maybe there are, in fact, people in my extended circle that live closeby without us even knowing?! I'd love to maybe find some people it'd be possible to meet up with now and then, and maybe go to fanpeoply things with. 

A few things about me for people who may find this post and don't know me: I'm 30. I'm a single mom to a one and a half year old son. I've lived abroad for much of my life (Ireland/England/Netherlands- it might be wirth mentioning that my ability to understand spoken Danish is non-existent now lol). I've been in fandom since 1999. Currently my main fandoms are One Direction, Sherlock, Adam Lambert, Bandom, Suits, White Collar, Person of Interest. I also dabble in Teen Wolf, Avengers, Queer as Folk, Firefly, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit and... well, many many more. Basically I just love fandom in general, there is just something about sharing love and creativity - so basically I'll happily listen to other fans flail about things I might not be into. Or I might end up being into it too after enough flailing. :P Hm I guess you can also look at my Twitter, my Tumblr, my AO3

Aaaaaanyway if there happens to be anyone that lives in my region and would also like some new fandom friends feel free to message/friend me on any service I'm on and we can chat? (And if there are people who are not in my region who'd like to chat you're welcome too - I'm also always happy to show visiting fans around if anyone would like to visit Sweden!). :D
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2014-01-08 05:34 pm

Snowflake Challenge - Day 8 [Love Meme]

I had completely forgotten :O about Snowflake Challenge until [personal profile] seyren reminded me a couple of days ago and then I have been low in the time/spoons departments but today felt like a good day to jump in! I'll be going back to catch up on the past week some day when I have a little more energy (it's funny how little I slept before motherhood, and how much I want to sleep now that someone else is keeping me awake... :P).
Snowflake Challenge - Day 8
In your own space, create a love meme for yourself. Let people tell you how amazing and awesome and loveable you really are. 

Anon commenting should be on, if you prefer. :) 

Also seems like the perfect place to share this cute video I came across the other day: Complimenting Random People - Nick Kowalski