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Because I never seem to happily accidentally run into fandom people that live close to me (South of Sweden - Skåne) I thought I would do this little signal boosty thing and see if maybe there are, in fact, people in my extended circle that live closeby without us even knowing?! I'd love to maybe find some people it'd be possible to meet up with now and then, and maybe go to fanpeoply things with. 

A few things about me for people who may find this post and don't know me: I'm 30. I'm a single mom to a one and a half year old son. I've lived abroad for much of my life (Ireland/England/Netherlands- it might be wirth mentioning that my ability to understand spoken Danish is non-existent now lol). I've been in fandom since 1999. Currently my main fandoms are One Direction, Sherlock, Adam Lambert, Bandom, Suits, White Collar, Person of Interest. I also dabble in Teen Wolf, Avengers, Queer as Folk, Firefly, Lord of the Rings/Hobbit and... well, many many more. Basically I just love fandom in general, there is just something about sharing love and creativity - so basically I'll happily listen to other fans flail about things I might not be into. Or I might end up being into it too after enough flailing. :P Hm I guess you can also look at my Twitter, my Tumblr, my AO3

Aaaaaanyway if there happens to be anyone that lives in my region and would also like some new fandom friends feel free to message/friend me on any service I'm on and we can chat? (And if there are people who are not in my region who'd like to chat you're welcome too - I'm also always happy to show visiting fans around if anyone would like to visit Sweden!). :D


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