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Pretty much what it says on the tin, yup yup. ^^ I'm super grateful to the people who have jumped in and betad 1D fic so far - including both those who are really betas in other fandoms and 1D fandom peeps responding to me on Twitter - but I'm a horribly impatient writer who kind of likes to have dedicated beta(s) I know I can send stories off to! So I think it's time I found someone who will beta 1D fic, since none of my regular betas dived into this fandom with me that I know of. 

A few things

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 So, I just found out about this One Direction Halloween Ficathon hosted by [livejournal.com profile] fortunaforme! So I thought I'd make sure everyone else knew about it too because yay for creepy stories featuring cuddly cute boys, right? There are some neat looking prompts already, imo, so this should be fun. :3
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So yeah, there was this 1D voice meme going around last year, but it was sort of... before I got into them? And then I copied it down because I kinda wanted to do it but forgot and I just found the file with the questions. So hey, why not? Sorry I can't remember who's meme this was originally, feel free to lemme know if want credit. :3 (Also apparently my microphone is crappy? And I am tired and rambly and didn't think this through beforehand so yeah. :P)

Link if widget won't work.

questions )
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 I was one of those people. One of those people who was just firmly TOO FUCKING OLD to get into a boyband fandom again. (Alright so I might still like Hanson and McFly but they are MY AGE now alright, it doesn't make me a creeper in any way.) I mean I started out writing boyband slash about 12 years ago now and back thenthey were too old for me, not luckily just on the right side of being jailbait. 

Warning for loss of a persons sanity and 1D gif spam. I DID WARN YOU OKAY. )


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