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The Hanson drummer and his wife Kate welcomed their second child, daughter Junia Rosa Ruth, who arrived at 8 lbs., 7 oz. "We couldn't imagine a better Christmas gift than this sweet little girl," Hanson, 25, tells PEOPLE.

Something about Zac with a baby girl makes my heart melt. :)

Hah! Take that all you hansonsecrets "insiders" who have been telling us for months now that it's a BOY.
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 Mmmmm... I hear a rumor that they played Ghostbusters at the MOE last night? 

If they diiid and it was on the stream, did anyone happen to record it? Even just a tiny little clip? 

I sort of PMd Zac recently suggesting that they should play this song (AND he replied "maybe" to me bfbhgbthrbght! I was a 13 year old fangirl for a few seconds... tehe) so I'm sorta excited they did and sort of upset I missed seeing it. ;) So yes, reduced to begging now!
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 Apparently they decided to make the new ep of the tour dairy on AOL unavailable for Europe... 

Anyone able to steal it down so I can see it? ^^ You know I'd love you forever,,,

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End of the stream, this exchange takes place:

T?: “The only way we can make it really work is if we have something happen in the live stream tomorrow”  Z?: “Ok Ike we have to do something in the alive stream tomorrow”

Soooo... is this big argument a JOKE?! 

And if it is. What. The. Fuck?! Seriously.
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 Not sure how many there are around today lol but... we love you Ike. <3

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Does anyone know why Zac apparently dislikes Free Falling so much? He never lets Ike play it lol!

I found this funny though.

And I couldn't help but notice that Zac seems to be looking to Taylor for support (0.28) but Taylor seems to decide that it's best to just stay out of the fight haha. It made me wonder if Taylor had to deal with grumpy Zac later...

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 This just made me smile. For obvious reasons. :)

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Seriously. Just...

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Old clip, but I found this  going through videos today, and it still made me smile. :) The way Zac and Tay just say exactly the same thing at the same time, and then Ike declaring it a "brother moment". They are just so damn cute!

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"It's like a bidding war," Zac said with regard to fans yelling out their love for him. "'I love you,' 'No I love you,' and 'I love you 20.'"

Taylor then offered to sell Zac for $5,000.


Now, don't lie Taylor, we all know you wouldn't sell Zac for any amount. (Or is he just implying that Zac is cheap? lol)
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1.                2.

1. O_O Seriously, this picture is hot and made me wonder if Taylor likes Zac's lips as much as I do...

2. Nawww... just cannot get over cuteness of Taylor taking a photo of sleeping Zac all bathed in sunshine. Let's just pretend he did it because he adores him. ^^

Anyone else notice that most pictures of Ike are more purposeful (he's in an interesting place / performing / jamming / dressing or whatever) while Tay takes a whole lot more totally random pictures of Zac just doing mundane things?
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How much would you bet that he was thinking of Taylor at this moment? Tehe. :)

(Also I think this is probably my favourite picture of Zac EVER)

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Anyone happen to have the full clip from VH1 all access or know where I can find it online? Apparently they took it down from the VH1 website? :(

I sorta need a bit of it for a video I'm making so if anyone can help track it down I would love you forever. <3

I have quite a few old appearances btw, so if anyone is looking for something else then feel free to ask I might have it sitting around. :)
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These two pics make me want to do such bad things to him... well most pics of him have that effect but I just felt like spamming these lol!

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... and I bet Zac finds it really pretty? 

This whole clip made my day, I love how random they are.

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Zac looking all cute, Taylor photographing his cuteness, Ike looking like he's trying to ignore their weird behavior...

Just... perfection. <3
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Not gonna lie, I squealed a little! Could only have been more awesome if it was Zac he was picking up like that. ^^

Right, must sleep after staying up till 6.30 AM watching the stream with over 2000 other fans. This is the best night I've had in so long. <3
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This is the last thing I spam for now, promise, but... seriouslyyy, if you are a Zaylor fan. And you missedf the livestream from the 23rd. You NEED to see it. So I'm sharing it. It's so Zaylory that I almost felt sorry for Ike!

Do you remember... )
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