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Just wanted to write a quick note just so noone on my friends list gets confused. :P

I've decided to stop hiding behind a penname for my slashfic - I originally did it in the days of geocities but I feel like it's just more private here and I have just kind of grown out of having a pseudonym. Besides, I don't live at home anymore and run the risk of my mum poking around on my computer. ^^

So, from now on all my fics shall be posted as Nikki rather than Ambrosia.

Hopefully it won't be too confusing!


Jun. 5th, 2010 10:30 am
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 Just wanted to post a small update and say my family left last night, I have to go to my bf's granddad's bday party today though so I won't be back to normal until tomorrow. I'm hoping to get to post some Stigmatized then, I have the chapter written just need to find some time to type it up!

I managed to hurt my foot the other day though so the next week or so I'll pretty much just be sitting by my computer so hoping to get lots of writing done to make up for the lack of updates this week. :)

Alsooooo, I'm looking for a recording of last nights livestream - the beach/ bonfire/ acustic one... cause yeah I was exhausted and slept so I missed it. :( 

Anyway I'd best go get ready to go to this bday thingey. I'll talk to you all tomorrow hope everyone is doing well! I've missed you all. <3
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 Just wanted to let you all know that my mum and sister are visiting me this week, they arrive tonight and leave on Friday night - and then on Saturday I have a birthday dinner to go to for my boyfriend's grandfather. 

Soooo I may not be around much this week, I will try to sneak on to get you a chapter of two of Stigmatized during the week but I can't really promise anything, we have quite a busy week planned so not even sure how much I'm even going to be close to my computer!

Anyway hope everyone has an ok week and I'll see you when I get back. :)


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