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Life just got turned upside down and I got distracted by new shiny fandoms (yay, bandom! lol) and a million and one such excuses. But I picked up Ghost of You and Me again last night to continue with it, I hope to have it finished and posted later this week. Living with mom again for the moment makes writing time hard to come by though, sadly. :( But I'll get there. 

Also, I've unlocked all my Hancest for now, so people can read it without having to wait for me to get around to adding you. I might end up moving it all to my main LJ ([livejournal.com profile] ragingrainbow) since I got gifted a paid account for that (yay!), but I'm not sure how many active readers I'd still have that would be bothered by getting Adam Lambert, Bandom and whatever else I write fic as well as Hancest if they add me? 
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Quick quick quick catching uppost before bed. Just wanted to apologize for going completely AWOL for the past month or so and not really telling you guys at all...  So yeah.

I guess mostly I needed a little break from this fandom and I branched out and started writing in a few other's again. Yeah I had some shit thrown at me in this fandom (not from anyone in the Zaylor community, mind you, from outside it) and that's never much fun.

I also haven't been feeling well, I've had problems that the doctor thinks is due to the food poisoning I had a while back (and I've been just as sick as I was back then for a couple of days). And being lots of sick meaning that I don't get out eough sort of makes other issues I have worse too so, not so much fun. Aaaand the fics I am working on for Zaylor were all sort of depressing and unfortunately not what I wanted to be writing on days I felt good enough to write.

But, I feel all better now and I think I shall be more than able to divide my time a bit between fandoms now and get started on Ghost again (which I ave to say I am excited as hell about still because I love this fic, so don't worry, I will not abandon it!). I'm gonna try to catch up with people's fics and my backlog of messages (I have 97 in my inbox right now, yikes!) tomorrow and go from there.

Sorry again and thanks for people who have been patient and those of you who have sent me messages asking if I was ok. It really meant a lot cause I have really been feeling like shit, so any messages and tweets and whatever you directed my way put smiles on my face. :)
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Mh, I had fun at the wedding yesterday (yay for a hairdresser that managed to curl my hair so it stayed curly for over 12 hours, that's a first!), buuuttt apparently I got food poisoned or something and now I am horribly sick. And running on about 2 hours of sleep. Yay...

So just wanted to let you all know that I will probably not be around much for a couple of days, and fic posting will be late, as will responding to comments and PMs. 

But I'll be back, of course! 
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 ... I just caught an ex of mine starring as Hitler in the trailer for a Discovery Channel documentary. Apparently he was cast because he has an "uncanny resemblance" to Hitler. 

I don't know... This sort of weirds me out a little. :/ I mean I dated a dude that has an "uncanny resemblance" to HITLER?!?!

And yes, it has nothing to do with Hancest or slash or anything, but I didn't wanna post it on my personal blog cause we still have mutual friends. :P 

To make it Zaylor-y... I will try to get chapter 5 of ghost up for you all tomorrow, before I disappear off to this wedding on Friday morning. (Guhhhh.... don't want to, I hate big gatherings of people where I barely know anyone. But hey, at least I get to dress up and be pretty!)

Also, I'm working on a special surprise for my ghost readers. :)
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... well kind of, anyway.

Had a busy busy week of shopping and chatting and nostalgia and good food and general craziness, so I am rather tired now. I did have some moments of inspiration for stories during the week so once I have had a good night's sleep I will try to get writing on some of them. Lots of sort and sweet little bits of fluff that I think some of you might enjoy after my angst heavy stuff lately...

Also don't have any more chapters of Stigmatized written atm, although I do have quite a few planned out, so I will get working on them over the next few days too.

Missed you all. <3
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Just wanted to let my readers know that I won't be around much for the next week, my mum is coming tomorrow evening and staying until next Friday. I might try to post something but most likely I won't have much internet time.

So no need to be worried about me disappearing for a while, I'll be back! :)

Smile! :)

Jul. 12th, 2010 11:59 pm
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“WANT TO KNOW A SECRET? You are beautiful. Black, white, gay, straight, bisexual. Whether you are smart or quiet or impossibly in love with your best friend, someone out there cherishes your smile and gets butterflies when you walk into a room. Someone out there can’t stop thinking about you. You Are Beautiful. Don’t ever believe differently.”

This made me smile today. So I thought I would pass on the love. <3
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 I came across this website this morning and ended up spending an hour just reading stories on there. Not only did they cheer me up, they reminded me that I may be able to make someone's day by a simple gesture. Thought I'd share in case someone else needs a pick me up. :)

Remember, someone cares...  )


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