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I made a promise to myself almost ten years ago. I was fairly new to fandom at the time, and fandom wank and drama made me quite upset. So I promised myself to turn a blind eye and stay away from it, or at least approach it with humour instead. Because, really, it's not that deep

I've done quite okay until now. I may vent about it and sometimes ridicule it, but really, fandom drama is not something that affects my life outside fandom. And it doesn't affect my life in fandom much either, I fangirl over everyone I love, ship all the ships I want, and pretty much don't give a damn about fandom police, wankers and trolls. I feel, on the whole, as if I have all the control over how I enjoy fandom, and I don't care if someone else thinks my way is wrong. There isn't any wrong way to do fandom, imo, as long as you respect everyone else and the 4th wall. 

But this week I've sort of failed. There's been too much wank about Tommy's behaviour during promo, a lot of it from people I talk to regularly and actually see as good friends in fandom, which just makes it harder to handle. I see too much of myself in his behaviour. It's just too personal. I don't make a habit out of defending these people, because really they are adults and capable of defending themselves, but in this case, I feel the need to rant a little. 

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Why can't a straight man kiss another man?

This is a question I have wanted to ask for a while now. I never bothered, because up until recently, I assumed that when fans said "a straight man wouldn't kiss another man (like that)", they were mostly joking. But now I have slowly realized that a lot of fans say this in complete seriousness, and that is sort of shocking to me. 

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Ok, really, I didn't want to do this because I hate ranting, but I am starting to get rather tired of people automatically assuming that if you love Tommy and/or ship Adam/Tommy (both of which I obviously do), you dislike/hate Sauli (which I very definitely don't), and vice versa. So, instead of having to explain/defend my POV repeatedly, I am just gonna rant on about it for a minute or two, and then I'm just gonna ignore anyone who assume my stance to be anything else but this. 

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Seriously: Ship whoever you want to ship, love whoever you want to love, let Adam date whoever he wants to date. We're all here because of an amazing, talented guy who deserves happiness, we're all united in our love for Adam, and there is really no need to fight because no one's fantasies are any more real than anyone else's.


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