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 So, as much as I like to giggle at weirdly written fic, I do make certain allowances for the fact that hey, it's fiction, and as a writer you have a bit of a creative licence. But some people just take it that bit too far. Especially in smut, there are certain basics (and, hello, anatomy!) that it's good to follow if you don't want your fic to be ridiculous/horrifying. I found a prime example this morning. I want to call troll, but it actually seems like it is legit fic. :S

NSFW, and not for the fainthearted, either. 

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During the last week, I have been skimming through gay erotica novels on Google books. I have to say, reading bits of erotic novels by authors who make a living from writing, makes me think that I should maybe consider a career change. For people who missed my Weeping Cock submissions, just check out these excerpts from Erotic Tales of the Knight Templar and Lusty Adventures of the Knossos Prince for examples of the hilariousness I have come across.

This morning, I found one called This Gay Utopia by John Butler. While it didn't really have much hilariously funny porn, it did have lots of theories about straight guys engaging in homosexual activities that I found sort of both amusing and interesting from a fandom POV. Well, in fairness, it is also rather lulsy since it reads more like some sort of scientific study than erotica. So, I thought I'd share! (Any bolded text is my addition.)

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 ... luckily we did not live happily ever after. :D (Although, I am aware that I still revisit it sometimes, and for that I apologize.)

But yeah, I just found a bunch of my very first slash fics, all written about 8-10 years ago. And holy shit, I never realized how much I was in love with the old purple prose back then. Not to talk about all the other horrible crimes against slash fic I seemed intent on committing. I don't think I have cringed and laughed this much at fic for a while!

Sooo, in the spirit of sharing the "joy", I thought I'd share some highlights. ^^

These explosions and waves are NSFW )


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