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Filled this out in another fandom, thought I'd do it for my Hancest too. :)

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All completed fics are in my Masterlist. I only started writing hancest this summer so all those are from this year.

Total Word Count
No idea, 50k+? My fics tend to be quite short.

What's your favourite story this year? Not the most popular, but the one that makes you the happiest?
Treat Me Cruel, I'm really, really happy with how that turned out. 9 Crimes is a very close second though.

Okay, NOW your most popular story.
Judging from amount of feedback on them, Treat Me Cruel or Plugged.

Story most under-appreciated by the universe?
Hm. I don't think any of my hancest stories are underappreciated. It's such a small fandom that people tend to read most of the stuff I think?

Story that could have been better?
I'm sure they all could have, but The Beat is my least favorite one. Though it was also my first in this fandom, and my first fic period for a couple of years, so that's hardly surprising.

Sexiest story?
Erm. Orgasmic maybe?
Most fun story?
Promises was fun to write. Just cause I expected it to turn out crack and it somehow managed to work lol.

Story with the single sweetest moment?
Blistered. I just find that whole scene really sweet.

Story with the best 'yes that's it' characterization.
Hm. Probably 9 Crimes? I'm not sure, I mean I write all the fics with the characterization the way I imagine them.

Hardest story to write:
Not finished yet, but definitely The Ghost of You And Me. As much as I love it, I'm starting to wonder what posessed me to write it now haha.

Do you have any fan-fic goals for the new year?
Finish Ghost and Stigmatized. That's it really, if I don;t manage to complete them in a year I'll be disappointed with myself.
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Quick quick quick catching uppost before bed. Just wanted to apologize for going completely AWOL for the past month or so and not really telling you guys at all...  So yeah.

I guess mostly I needed a little break from this fandom and I branched out and started writing in a few other's again. Yeah I had some shit thrown at me in this fandom (not from anyone in the Zaylor community, mind you, from outside it) and that's never much fun.

I also haven't been feeling well, I've had problems that the doctor thinks is due to the food poisoning I had a while back (and I've been just as sick as I was back then for a couple of days). And being lots of sick meaning that I don't get out eough sort of makes other issues I have worse too so, not so much fun. Aaaand the fics I am working on for Zaylor were all sort of depressing and unfortunately not what I wanted to be writing on days I felt good enough to write.

But, I feel all better now and I think I shall be more than able to divide my time a bit between fandoms now and get started on Ghost again (which I ave to say I am excited as hell about still because I love this fic, so don't worry, I will not abandon it!). I'm gonna try to catch up with people's fics and my backlog of messages (I have 97 in my inbox right now, yikes!) tomorrow and go from there.

Sorry again and thanks for people who have been patient and those of you who have sent me messages asking if I was ok. It really meant a lot cause I have really been feeling like shit, so any messages and tweets and whatever you directed my way put smiles on my face. :)
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I hate them. And I have them both on my back atm...

Sooo, sorry for my absence. I'll try to get more Ghost out during the weekend. I know I promised to be quicker, I really didn't count on RL suddenly being busy though. ><

Sorry sorry sorry, and much love to my readers. <3


Oct. 5th, 2010 12:50 am
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 Very random, but apparently my Twisted video ended up getting linked by a couple of fans... 

I don't know if I should make it private or take it down... I'm sorta afraid that if non-Zaylor fans are passing it around the guys might stumble across it. :/ 

On the plus side though, I guess it's nice that non-hancest fans are watching it without getting upset lol. I mean, I was hardly trying to be subtle when I selected clips for it... :X
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( You're about to view content that the journal owner has advised should be viewed with discretion. )
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Not gonna lie, I totally want this shirt! :)

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I just had to share this random offer I got!

Was talking to this old friend (with benefits, sometimes), and for some reason we started talking about celebrities we would do. So I sort of after a while admitted that if I could go back to the late 90s, I'd totally fuck Taylor Hanson.

And guess what? He offered to get a blonde wig and dress up as 90s Taylor for me if we ever both end up single and lonely again. :D

Probably not an offer I would take him up on (though, I have to admit, he DOES have a body very similar to Taylor's haha!), but I thought it was well funny and sort of sweet for him to offer.

And I guess, I am walking around feeling just that bit happier cause I know a boy who would totally dress up as Taylor Hanson for me when he is in a subby mood. Admittedly though, I prefer my boy in a dress. ^^
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Yes, I don't normally do this but... I there anyone around who has the ability to steal Part One of Hanson's tour diary from AOL for me? For some reason It won't let me view it cause of the region I'm in even though I can see part 2 just fine. >< And I really want to see it. *sigh*

Really, I don't even care if somene records it of their screen with a camera or something, I just want to be able to see what's going on in it. xD
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Mmmm, I have a buttload of clips I didn't use in my last video(s) that I want to make a video from. But I'm having some trouble finding a song that really inspires me to do so...

Soooo, just thought I'd ask if someone here who doesn't make videos themselves have a song they've always thought would be great for a Zaylor video? If so let me know and if it inspires me I might make it for you. :)
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... spotted at tonight's Hanson concert. Yup. *cue fanfics*

(I don't write Moffatt crossovers just thought I'd mention it for those I know do ^^)
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Urm, I normally don't repost stuff like this BUT, I was reading through the gestures and some of it reminded me of a certain couple... So had to share for fun!

The List! )

I think I finally understand what's going on in that Hanson day stream....
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... please stop making cute smiley faces with little noses on cause I feel like such a dork everytime I notice it (and find it cute). :o)

Pointless post? Very much so.

So fucking frustrated with the next chapter of Stigmatized cause I can't figure out a good beginning for it... *sigh*


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