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Why the fuck is this man so adorable?!

P.S. Still on the hunt for last night's stream (with Caleb Lovely and Zac singing Need You Now) - I will give a reward to whoever can find me a recording!
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Did aaanybody record tonight aLive stream? Apparently Hanson German Portal will no longer be putting streams on youtube because not enough people subscribed to her channel... So, if anybody out there recorded it would you share it?

It was like the most awesome stream ever and not just because Zac played guitar in it. So I really need to be able to rewatch!

Pretty please with Zaylor on top? ;)
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Ok, this is weird, but I think I prefer Voice in the Chorus like this.  :S (again, I didn't make these videos, just sharing for fun)

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Found this on youtube, just had to share lol.

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I've never managed to catch this with any sound on before so... had to share in case someone else is in the same boat.

Gotta love prefame stuff. <3

Isaac&Taylor Hanson-David and Goliath (video)

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I think his little dance and clap thing in the background tonight is the stuff of legend. <3 (I fell in love with Ike tonight, seriously.)

Part 2 )
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Very pointless post but YAY Hanson debuted at number 14 on the VH1 Top 20 Countdown!

A bit of hot picspam to make this less pointless:

pics! )
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Oh so, so much better...

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Video if up for the Star 102.5 show.

I found it cute that Zac and Tay are wearing matching shirts, lol! 

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 Zac Ramble <3

Old clip. But I just rewatched it and it's so frigging funny.  Zac has the weirdest ideas. And his groan is just too sexy.

Tay kinda looks like he is falling asleep though. Or possibly he has a sore ass or something. :P His flinching amused me. 


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