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"Zac and Tay hug a lot, so I just kinda give them their space." - Isaac Hanson (from this page)

I'm just curious in what context Ike felt the need to announce this...
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About 3 minutes in... Just why are Tay and Zac glancing at eachother when answering the question if they ever lie in interviews? While Taylor is saying that it's best to leave certain things unsaid? Yes, my slashy mind is in heaven right now. 

Also, I found Taylor's grin at the end of that so hot. :P 

Anyway, I have an almost finished story to get back to. ^^
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Hanson on Popworld

Gosh. Taylor is so intent on Zac when he talks about this shagging wagon. I remember seeing this interview on TV I can't believe I didn't notice this at the time! 

But yes. They sit close as usual but really, the moment Zac's car is brought up Tay just smirks and start staring... om nom nom Zaylor fan in me likes. And also noticed their legs are touching more or less the whole time then towards the end Zac lifts his away and quickly puts it back resting against Tay's. :P 

But gosh. Really. This clip just makes me think... it wasn't to bring girls back he had that van, ey? ;)

Oh and also, I like it how Taylor kind of defends Zac with the whole puberty thing, haha. Just turns the joke on the presenter instead. :P

And Zac says he is a fan of being on the bottom in the end...  haha, I bet!


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